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All CSD4 Schools are Closed through April 24th.  Food Distribution will begin on Monday, March 23rd, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, Monday through Friday.  Stay home and stay safe.

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Message from our Principal

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break.  I understand it has been a crazy week, but hope you found some fun and smiles somewhere in your time off.  Your teachers have asked me to let you know that they miss you. We hope you are doing your best to shelter in place and take care of yourself. 
As you know CAIR is closed indefinitely due to the pandemic that is occurring across the world.  Grandview C-4 School District has asked that we continue to provide academic work for all of our students while the school is closed.  We have put together packets for each student that include enough work to get you started this week.  The packets are available in the CAIR main office.  You are welcome to pick up your packet between noon and 2 pm today (Monday) or 8 am - 2 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24.  If neither of these times works for you or you need assistance with pick-up, please call the office (816-316-5157).  We will do our best to support you. 
When you arrive at CAIR, please call the front office at 816-316-5157.  Someone will run your packet out to your car.  When you have completed your work, please call ahead to make arrangements for us to get it from you when you drop it off.
You will be receiving emails as the week goes on from your teachers with instructions on how to get teacher assistance with the work you have and how to receive additional work once this packet is completed.  We are hoping to get the additional work to you via Google Classroom, or other electronic means.  Please monitor your email for further instructions. 
I appreciate your cooperation as we work the kinks out of the system.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.