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It is an honor and a privilege to be a teacher at FOCUS!  My job is to help every FOCUS student in Finding Our Creativity Using Steam.  FOCUS students are amazing at thinking outside the box!  In fact, during my first year at FOCUS, our fifth and sixth graders entered The Big Brain Theory, an exhibit design, into the Battle of the Brains Competition in the fall of 2017, and they won the competition!  It was the best day ever in my teaching career!!  In the spring of 2019, The Amazing Brain opened to the public at Science City.  This amazing team dreamed big, and learned that it pays to dream big!!  My goal is for each student in FOCUS to learn to dream big and to know that dreams come to fruition one step at a time.  The key is to keep taking steps forward...don’t stop...keep moving no matter how small the step...adapt...learn...grow...and achieve your dream!
I have spent most of my years in education at the elementary level teaching third, fifth, sixth grades, gifted students, and I have also instructed teacher candidates to learn how to teach math.  I love math!!!  So I founded a hands-on math center which allowed kids to experience mathematics by becoming a part of math using the exhibits and activities.  The goal of the Math Center was to teach kids to learn to love math and show them how math works.  The Math Center was the focus of my doctoral study. 
I love working with gifted students and am happy to be a member of the Grandview C4 Team!