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MAP Testing will run from 7:30-9 am on May 3 - 21.
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Test Information

  1. The MOP instructor will register you for the HiSET test.
  2. The first time you test, Grandview C4 will pay the $95 fee.
    1. If you do not pass a single test, the student is responsible for the purchase of the next test which is currently $7.
    2. Students have three times a year (Jan-Dec) to take the test.  Not School year Calendar Year.
  3. If you do not show up for your test, that counts as a try and you will only have two and you will have to pay to retake.
    1. If the instructor knows 24 hours or more before your test, they can move the test date at no cost or penalty.  

Bring these things on test day

Make sure you have these things on test day:

  • Valid, acceptable ID-
    • Missouri State issued ID (drivers license or nondrivers id)
    • School Id with a letter from the instructor