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MAP Testing will run from 7:30-9 am on May 3 - 21.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate students in Missouri Options Program (MOP) need to full fill two requirements: One academic and one vocational.
Students in the MOP are taken out of the credit system, they show their academic aptitude by passing the HiSET exam.  The HiSET exam covers science, social studies, math, reading, and writing with an essay.  Students have to score a 8 out of 20 with an overall score of 45 on all five test to pass the test and be eligible for graduation.
Students attend class 7 -11 am, Monday-Friday for a total of 15 hours in a week.  There are no excused or unexcused absences ALL time needs to be made up prior to graduation.  Missing 20 hour of class time means student will be dropped from class.
Students have to show proof of work via paycheck stubs (or other arrangements with teacher) from their place of employment for 15 hours a week. Students who go more than two weeks unable to show work hours will be dropped from the program.  Students are responsible for finding and maintaining employment.  Teacher will assist in leads and options but does guarantee employment any where.