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Transitions 6-12 » Transitions 6-12 Overview

Transitions 6-12 Overview

About Transitions 6-12:
The Transitions program within the Center for Alternative Instructional Resources (CAIR) serves elementary, middle school, and high school students including those with disabilities. It is an integral part of the Pyramid of Academic and Behavioral Interventions within the Grandview C4 School District. Transitions is a non-traditional alternative program of  high quality academic preparedness, counseling, and parent/guardian involvement where we focus on the student as a “whole” person by placing equal importance on meeting education, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Students who attend Transitions typically have been unsuccessful in traditional school settings, experience school suspensions, have low academic success, low motivation, and a sense of “not belonging” or no connection to a significant adult at their school. The most significant contributions to learning are motivation, a sense of belonging, and a strong connection to a significant adult in the school setting. In order to foster these factors, we focus on students effort, determination, and skill development, not on their abilities. It is extremely important to motivate our students to learn and trust adults.


Transitions staff strive to help our students learn independence in taking risks to learn and trust. Throughout the day, our teachers maintain high academic standards and expectations while giving our students the opportunities to explore creative ways of completing assignments, solving problems and taking responsibility for their learning. We give our students small problems to do one after the other to build success and higher self-esteem. As they effectively complete each small problem, they develop self-confidence in their abilities and subsequently increase their motivation.


Our school enjoys a 15:1 student to teacher ratio with paraprofessional support as the numbers warrant. This school provides each student with a Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) approved elementary, middle school and/or high school curriculum and Positive Behavioral Support services. Students with disabilities have an IEP with academic and behavioral goals, objectives, accommodations, and related services written by the district and implemented by Transitions regular education and special education teachers and therapists. All students have an Individual Success Plan (ISP) which includes academic and behavioral goals that are developed at the beginning of each quarter between the student and his/her Family Leader. All Transitions students receive weekly individual and daily group therapy to work on school issues, family issues, and social skills as part of the continuum of services offered at CAIR. Students also receive academic instruction aligned with the district curriculum, social skills instruction, and assistance in improving inappropriate behaviors.


Transitions offers its students the same curriculum used in the district’s traditional schools. The difference is in the delivery system of the subject information. We offer our students individualized instruction classes, functional academics, mixed ability academic classes for low, average, and high functioning students. Students are placed in academic classes based on their instructional levels, Individual Success Plan (ISP), and/or IEP goals and objectives. The majority of our students are placed in academic classes of mixed ability levels.
Teacher Contact:
Latosha Reese (English)
Sarah Buesteston (Social Studies)
Maggie Arthur (Electives)
Dawyn Payne (Science) [email protected]
Dakota Contras (Math)
School Counselors:
Lena Alpough (A-L)
Michael Taylor (M-Z)