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Half Day Wednesday, March 14th

News & Announcements

Butterflies in Class

Life Cycles Hit CAIR in the form of a Butterfly.
Ms. Arthur's students experienced the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly in real time this fall. From caterpillar to full blown butterfly, excitement spread as students monitored the progress of their classroom guests daily.

"It was cool seeing the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the chrysalis and finally into a butterfly. I liked seeing it in person." Ryan Woodrome
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Brains, Brains, Brains Everywhere!!!!

Transitions K-5 students are studying their brains and how they can be aware of their own learning and decisions.  Students are learning about the parts and functions of the brain and nervous system and how to build strong neural connections through practice.  TK5 students are using physical activities to strengthen their brainpower at the Brain Gym.
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15 Years!

Congratulations Mrs. Arthur!  
Working with Grandview C4 for 15 Years, we love the commitment!  Keep it up.
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